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Improve customer service and support
Intellectual Core: lots of FAQ and Knowledge Base features, innovative technology and clean user interface
Easy-to-use interface makes administration a snap!
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Save your time and money by providing FAQ knowledgebase on your website!

FAQ Manager Pro is a comprehensive FAQ and knowledgebase solution. It is intend to provide customizable and fully-functional online FAQ management.

It is perfect solution to help you to manage and present useful information to your customers. Just think: customers will help themselves!

FAQ Manager Pro 3.0 delivers the information your customers really need. What can be more important than top-level customer support?

Some ideas on where and how it can be used:

  • Business website
  • Corporate website
  • Private home page
  • E-mail services
  • News services
  • E-Books and informational/educational services
  • Miscellaneous downloadable products
  • Adult sites and services.
  • Anywhere you need to provide support to your clients!

Benefits & Features:

Easy installation and instant work
Don't waste your time. Our support team will always assist you to satisfy your personal needs
Easy-to-use interface makes administration a snap! +
Powerful searching and full search history +
Advanced administrator permission management +
Automatic Related Articles option
Visitor can find relevant information in related articles
Multi-Language support
Works correct with all known languages encodings
Powerful templates management
Full control over design templates and form/text style. Online templates editor included!
Great Intellectual Core!
Lots of FAQ and Knowledge Base features, proved logic, related articles, multi-level categories, visitors comments, authors management and much more!
Built-in filter: full control over questions and answers! +
Cross-Platform solution
Unix and Windows hosting supported
Full templates support
Easy adapting with your web site design and style!
Create unlimited number of multi-level categories and questions +
Full administrator log available +
Email article to friend +
Detailed Statistic and Analysis
Get all the information over customer interests and effectiveness
Customer comments
Allow visitors to comment questions and answers. Automatically approve comments, or manually approve them in control panel.
Article Rating
Visitors can vote for articles and then show ratings to other visitors
Most popular questions
Let your customers see the most popular articles from the main page.
Printable Articles
One click and article converted to print-ready version!
Protected MySQL database data storage +
No traffic limits, since the script resides on your server +
Works with all domain names +
Priority support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week +

Unbeatable price, and 100% money-back guarantee!

Let us show you our online demo and prove our claims!

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